Acne Treatments

Clearing the Path to Radiant Skin: Your Modern Solution for Acne with the help of Cutting-Edge Technology

How we treat our patients

Conventional acne treatment has been widely used and documented throughout the years. Too often, these treatments have yielded little to no effect in cases of moderate or severe acne. People have tried various types of cleansers, TV products, home remedies, even prescription drugs. It can be intensely discouraging as many of these treatments simply do not work.

Acne is caused by an excess in androgens and is hormonal. Treatments, consequently, require individuals to clear blockages to the pores and skin, reduce the bacteria load associated with inflammatory acne, and shrink or damage sebaceous glands responsible for the secretion of excess sebum throughout the skin.

Acne, unfortunately, is the most common dermatological skin condition in the United States and affects approximately 80% of adolescents and many adults as well. Acne occurs when oil produced by the sebaceous glands is trapped inside the pores or follicles of the skin and pores, bacteria forms and subsequent infection to the skin is created. Once infected, these pores can either be open or closed (i.e., whiteheads, blackheads), allowing for additional infection to surrounding compartmentalized tissues. There are other contributors that cause acne, stress, diet, and environmental conditions among them. Sadly, moderate to severe acne can cause permanent scarring if left untreated, and within a 10 to 12 month period no less.

Conventional treatments can be used with limited success (topical creams such as Retin-A, and antibiotics to reduce bacteria load can prove somewhat effective). Because the causes of acne are multifactorial, however, strategies for combatting it need to be as well. As such, we use a number of combination therapies in controlling acne. These include photodynamic therapies, antibiotics, combination topical agents using various medicines and, in certain cases, hormone replacement therapies or androgen inhibitors. In addition, we utilize various BHA and other proprietary medical grade acid peels to resolve adult acne or cystic and nodular acnes. Once we begin to control acne there are a number of solutions to effectively manage it such as cosmeceuticals to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and protect the skin from further breakouts.

One of the best acne treatments that have shown excellent results is blue and red LED light Therapies. This is the in vitro and in vivo exposure of acne bacteria to 405-420 nm ultraviolet (UV). The free blue light causes photo-destruction of the bacteria by the creation of singlet oxygen. This type of bio-stimulation allows for light to react with the intracellular photo-sensitizing Coproporphyrin III allowing for these singlet oxygen to destroy P-Acne bacteria. The therapy has shown to decrease inflammatory acne legions by 70-75% over a (4-5) week period and greater results when used with red light therapies.

We have a number of solutions that are synergistic in that we can treat these acnes concurrently using a number of available therapies. Laser light energies, prescription therapies, photodynamic therapies, hormonal therapies, skin regimens, and other therapies allow for the control of acne. We personalize each treatment to the patient with a multidimensional approach. While there is no single solution to treating acne, this multidimensional approach has shown great results.

We also use micro-needling for acne scar therapy. This type of mechanical treatment allows for breaking up of the anchor points of elastin causing the depression associated with the scar. Micro-needling has replaced the need for expensive ablative laser treatments and will improve acne scarring up to 50% in one treatment as compared to less impressive results by more expensive laser treatments.