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VI Peel

What is VI Peel? 

VI Peel is a innovative solution for Sun Damage, Age spots and Rosacea and is the perfect solution for patients with acne. VI Peel was created for everyday individuals with an interest in having a peel done but do not have the time to go through the process of getting one done. It is a proven solution that is most effective and the least time consuming as it pertains to treating acne, hyperpigmentation and aging.

How is VI Peel different?
Other peels in comparison to VI Peel are costly, time consuming and can be painful. The best part about VI Peel is that the procedure is painless and you can notice improved results within a matter or days making VI Peel an effective solution for everyday individuals.

How long will the results last with VI Peel?
VI Peel results vary depending on the upkeep of each clients skin care regime. Typically the treatment is performed three to four times per year for optimum results.

What will the Vi Peel do for my skin?

The VI Peel tackles skin problems at the cellular level rather than just burning skin off. VI Peel works to to erase fine lines, wrinkles, minimize enlarged pores, and build collagen and elastin in an effort to tighten the skin. It is very effective in eliminating hyper pigmentation and helps with any acne regime.

How long is the VI Peel treatment take?

The VI Peel application takes approximately between 15-30 minutes.

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