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Vaginal Rejuvenation


Feminine Rejuvenation Treatment

How can women that have been through multiple pregnancies, menopause, and suffered the effects of aging overcome lax feminine skin in the vaginal area with little downtime and without surgery? Our clients at MediSpa Solutions now have the option to get them through the most difficult changes in the female body that affect everything they do and how they feel about themselves. Feminine or vaginal rejuvenation is something the world of aesthetics and plastic surgery has needed for a long time. And while this subject has been something that women haven’t freely discussed, nor have they discussed it often, something is being done to help raise awareness and motivation to take control of their bodies and feel young again.

Through years of medical research and surgical use, radiofrequency is proven to be responsible for internal tissue tightening and repair in the vaginal area. The cosmetic industry has now keyed into this development and decided this surgical technique, used in a variety of other procedures, was perfect for female restructuring without requiring painful labiaplasty to do it. As radiofrequency was being developed and repurposed into a method that could restructure the labia and vaginal canal into it’s pre-baby and pre-aging form, labiaplasty was referenced and compared, offering patients better and more effective results. No client of ours was ever much interested in surgery when they could opt for a noninvasive and nonsurgical option to accomplish the same goal. That’s where ThermiVA comes in, which is an in-office, feminine skin laxity reversal, treatment using radiofrequency to target these degenerated tissues.

A New Kind of Radiofrequency Device

When we show our clients what the ThermiVA device looks like, they can’t believe there’s finally something this simple to help them with their feminine laxity concerns. We offer this treatment to every female client just as a conversation starter so that we can share the latest technology that’s available to them. Dr. Freyle educates his clients first on the latest offerings, and more often than not a client will say that it’s just what they need.

ThermiVA is a pencil width white wand that’s a single use applicator integrated with a radiofrequency tip which you can see in black cover. Thinking about the nature and composition of the vagina the wand is curved to fit into the vaginal canal, but small enough to treat the outer labia and surrounding skin in the best way possible. For those that are unsure of what radiofrequency is, it’s heat energy that’s at a certain frequency, such as x-rays and radio waves, that is optimally crafted to target damaged skin fibers. This radiofrequency tip allows us to treat the delicate skin in the vaginal area with a controlled heat that will not damage the skin. The device is hand-held and easy to manipulate with absolutely no pain for our clients at all.

How is the ThermiVA procedure performed?

When we start the conversation about ThermiVA and feminine restructuring with our clients, we show them the device and explain the entire procedure. We also offer a free consultation for this treatment so that women can see the depth to which this treatment can change their current concerns with this area. Every woman knows that certain things change as the years go by, and age creates vaginal specific problems for everyone. Things such as bladder incontinence, vaginal dryness and discomfort are serious issues that women face every day when their skin just isn’t what it used to be down there. We offer each client a set of before and after photos that they can compare and reference for progress. ThermiVA changes the game for women all over the world where labiaplasty just works on the look of the labia, not the function of the vagina internally.

If our clients are interested in having this treatment performed with ThermiVA’s radiofrequency device, we can often do it right after their consultation. The highlight of this treatment is that it’s quick and requires no hospital check-in to get started. During our ThermiVA consultation, we will talk about what you can expect from the treatment; although women can have one treatment to see results, we often recommend a set of treatments that are custom to your needs. We apply a gentle gel to the surface of the labia and the vagina so that the radiofrequency heat energy can be absorbed into the skin easily. We treat the outer skin, the labia, first, and this takes a few minutes to thoroughly cover the tissues, followed by inserting the ThermiVA device into the vaginal canal and focusing on each wall by floating the device over the tissues there. The whole treatment takes up to 30-minutes without any recovery time.

Benefits of ThermiVA:

  • Controls bladder incontinence
  • Reduced skin laxity in the labia and tightens the vaginal canal
  • Improved g-spot stimulation
  • Reduces dryness and friction caused by loose skin
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Painless
  • 30-min treatment

Our clients at MediSpa Solutions love ThermiVA because it’s a secret they can keep to themselves but enjoy all the benefits without compromising time or their sex life. Call MediSpa Solutions today at (917)450-5427 to find out more about ThermiVA and how it can change your life.