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Skin Tightening


Minimally Invasive Body Tightening

Maintaining our youth can be difficult when life happens all around us. We gain and lose weight since getting to the gym isn’t a part of our daily schedule, once work and children are involved; or with age, the body changes and isn’t as taut and resistant to wear and tear as it once was. Minimally invasive, nonsurgical procedures can help us to regain what we once lost in our youth—beautiful and healthy looking skin. For many of our clients at MediSpa Solutions, we offer ThermiTight to tighten and tone the skin in areas of the body most difficult to modify such as the neck, breasts, tummy, thighs, knees, and arms.


What is ThermiTight and why is it effective in body tightening?

Body tightening is a procedure that previously was only possible using liposuction and skin excision, but with the ThermiTight system, we can use radiofrequency heat energy to restructure the skin from just under the tissue in a safe and comfortable way without surgery. ThermiTight is a revolutionary addition to the cosmetic industry that can treat any skin type where others fail to treat darker skin tones since every other procedure starts at the surface of the skin.

These surface treatments must pass through varying shades of melanin that can block the effects of various lasers, which is why the ideal type of candidate for those skin tightening procedures, is someone with light skin. At MediSpa Solutions we wanted to bring our clients something better that allowed for every single client that wants to try skin tightening treatments a chance to do so no matter what their skin type. Previously any other skin tightening procedure either caused patients much discomfort and took a set of treatments to work, but with ThermiTight one treatment is enough to see results and with no pain during the procedure.


How is the ThermiTight procedure done?

Before we begin any treatment using ThermiTight, it’s important we perform a full consultation and do a skin analysis and gauge the current condition of the skin, the technique we will use to tighten the skin, and the results you can expect over time. Since ThermiTight provides amazing results that last, we create a custom treatment plan to target the most significant concerns you have and where you would like to treat these loose areas where the skin has sagged and lost its integrity most significantly. Your physician will either create a simulation of what your skin will look like after your treatment or draw out the treatment areas and show you before you schedule your treatment. Your MediSpa Solutions’ physician will explain the procedure steps and use of a tumescent anesthetic that’s injected into the skin to keep you comfortable as the ThermiTight probe is put through specialized spots under the skin to treat the area.

After your detailed consultation and treatment planning, your physician will bring you into the treatment room and begin testing your skin for any nerves under the skin in these particular treatment areas using an electric conductor to make sure we steer clear of any nerves during the treatment. Once the precise entry point is found in the skin, your physician will inject the tumescent anesthetic underneath the skin to numb the treatment areas. The area is numb, and the ThermiTight treatment can begin with the insertion of the radiofrequency tipped probe and is gently rubbed against the underside of the skin with controlled heat energy that is monitored by a thermal camera during the entire process.

This thermal camera will make sure the correct amount of radio frequency heat energy is applied to the skin to prevent any overheating of the tissues. The best temperature to treat the skin effectively using radiofrequency is at about 60 degrees Celsius, and the thermal camera will alert the physician that this heat has been reached in every section of the skin before moving on to the next area. Unlike other heated skin tightening treatments, the heat applied is only done so in short sequences without spending time in these regions. While the skin is heated, degeneration of older collagen and elastin fibers that no longer function occur, while this happens new collagen and elastin fibers can start to regenerate and over time produce healthy fibers that will rebuild this skin. This restructuring of the scaffolding will generate tighter, smoother and stronger skin.

ThemiTight – Before & After

After Your ThermiTight Treatment and Results

Directly after treatment, the area may start to swell slightly, but as the anesthetic wears off the swelling will reduce significantly. You will then be wrapped with compression wrappings and may resume your daily activities within a couple of days. As time passes, your results will become visible with tighter, lifted and contoured skin. Our clients at MediSpa Solutions usually see results appear in about a month, but will be at their peek at the six-month mark. Our clients are happy with these results and often recommend ThermiTight to others as an alternative to surgery.

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