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Fat Grafting

Liposuction, Fat Grafting and Transfer with Medispa Solutions

At Medispa Solutions we recommend fat transfer through fat grafting of the patient’s cells using power assisted liposuction. For many patients looking to enhance their breasts with breast augmentation procedures and implants, we recommend this method to provide the most natural breast augmentation results. Based on the conversations we have with our patients at Medispa Solutions, many of them worry about adding foreign materials to the body such as these implants. When we hear these concerns, we tell them all about our liposuction, fat grafting and transfer techniques that save them the stress because there are no foreign implants, simply their personal fat cells.

Aging and Volume Loss Remedied with Fat Grafting

Now we understand that not all patients are interested in breast augmentation, such as our male clients, but it is a common request in addition to butt lifts and facial volume restoration. The body is often disproportionate, more so as we age and lose fatty tissues from the natural breakdown of our cells, and this is the primary concern voiced when it comes to interests in body contouring treatments. So many people spend hours in the gym to help them restructure the shape of their bodies or to shed unwanted fat in specific areas to enhance other features masked by it. Unfortunately, while we can lose most fat in our younger years, these efforts become more difficult with age, and stubborn pockets of fat tend to stay right where they are. We can get rid of this excess fat, but it is best to repurpose the fat and transfer it to other areas of the body that can benefit from a volume lift and skilled shaping.

How is this fat grafting procedure performed?

The first step in our fat grafting procedure is liposuction. Just before liposuction is performed we apply a tumescent anesthetic for maximum patient comfort. Previously, in consultation with Dr. Freyle, he will discuss the precise areas of fat you wish to reduce and those you want to enhance and contour. The areas are marked before surgery as simple guidelines based on the results discussed between you and Dr. Freyle. We use the Millennium Medical AquiCell system’s 3.5 mm cannula that vibrates as fat is extracted from the body. When fat is removed from the body during liposuction, it is collected in a one-liter closed container as it moves through tubes and into a filtration system. This entire system is completely sterilized, so there are no issues with bacteria transfer into the filtered adipose extraction.

Extraction and Filtering the Fat

Fatty tissues or adipose cells are separated into two layers of fat components called the supernatant and the infranatant. The supernatant is a layer of dense lipids that are stripped of the majority of their fluids, whereas the infranatant is the filtered fluids removed from the fat mixed in with red and white blood cells. As the fat is extracted smoothly by the vibration of the cannula, it’s removed in smaller, easily modifiable fat cells that can mold best to the desired location to which they’re injected and moved in contouring methods. Depending on the surgeon performing these liposuction procedures, these cells are best removed, filtered and transferred using this technique. At Medispa Solutions we use the Millennium Medical Technology fat grafting devices to extract the most viable fat cells that will mold to the area of transfer beautifully.

Fat Grafting and Transfer

Once the fat is filtered, we pull the fat into a fat grafting transfer gun within their closed system to be sure the cells are closed to the environment. We then transfer the fat into the desired area using the mechanical transfer gun in a gentle linear motion. Depending on the area you would like enhanced with this excess fat from liposuction, we often recommend taking fat from the abdomen, under the arms, and thighs. Patients are so pleased with the results from fat grafting procedures since they require much less downtime than traditional liposuction methods and significantly less time than surgical procedures involving implants to increase volume and shape in the body.

Fat Grafting Enhances:

  • Facial Volume Restoration
  • Rejuvenates the Hands
  • Breasts Naturally
  • Natural Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re interested in learning more about our fat grafting procedures, please call Medispa Solutions to schedule your fat grafting consultation at (917)450-5427.